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Specializing in creating content that engages, informs and motivates readers to take action.

About Liz Taylor (the writer, not the actress)

What I can do for you

With 20+ years experience writing for B2B markets covering sustainability, technology, HR and other pressing business topics, I can help you:

  • Translate complex concepts into words that connect with your target audience
  • Communicate the business value of your products, services and initiatives
  • Create content that changes hearts and minds — and leads to action

What makes me different from other writers? Take a look at my background, testimonials, work and service

What clients say

“Her passion around the topics she covers and her knack for making readers quickly grasp ‘why this matters now’ make Liz stand out when I think about the many writers that I’ve hired. Liz writes about sustainability in a way that business executives can really relate to. Given her background in journalism and marketing, Liz really knows how to get to the crux of the matter and get a message across with impact." 

-- Lisa Monvignier, Former Marketing Leader, PwC Sustainable Business Solutions

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